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Welcome on the official website for the concert of Calmando Qual in Zurich

This website will provide you with all the necessary information and keep you up-to-date about the concert of Calmando Qual at Werk 21 in Zurich on January 14th.


2009-01-11 - Signing session

The signing session will begin at 17:00 hours. If time permits, everyone will receive an autograph. Please keep in mind that only those who are in possession of a ticket will be able to attend the signing session.
(Merchandise will be sold on site)

2009-01-10 - Tasc won't be in Europe

Recently we've unfortunately received the sad news that the keyboarder Tasc can't come to Europe next week due to personal reasons. Nevertheless, the band is going to perform on all dates announced. They will replace Tasc with a MTR, which was prepared by Tasc himself and Tak, and which has been used during the last four concerts in Europe. Therefore, we're sure that the concert's still going to be a success.

We're really sorry to inform you this late. But concerning the current economic development, we're sure that you understand that an employee might not be able to leave for 14 days consecutively any longer.
Once more, we ask your pardon for this inconvenience.

2008-12-15 - Signing session & pre-sale

Good news. The management decided on a signing before the show around 5 p.m. Everyone who buys their ticket during the pre-sale is able to attend it.
Because the time until the 24th is rather short we decided to extend the pre-sale until the 31st of December.

The last possibility to buy a pre-sale ticket will be at the Visu Desu meet-up on the 3rd of January.

Please remember that ticket delivery using bank-, and post payments take up to roughly 2 weeks! Thus we need you to send us a scan or a picture of your receipt, so we can guarantee you your ticket up until 2 days before the concert starts!

2008-12-11 - Audio samples

You can now find audio samples of the band in their profile!

2008-12-04 - Taking pictures at the concert

We can now announce to you that it will be permitted to take pictures during the concert. However, we ask you to refrain from using flash.

2008-12-02 - Start of Pre-Selling

The pre-selling for the concert will start December 4th at 20:00 Swiss time (GMT+1).

Please don't fill in the form before 8 p.m. If we get any orders before 8, we won't process them and delete them immediately.

2008-12-02 - Opening of Website

Starting today our website for the concert of Calmando Qual is online. We hope that you can find all answers to your questions here.

Your VK & JRock Team